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Social media is a powerful tool for engaging with friends, family and potential customers. One of the most popular Social platforms in the World right now is Facebook, which offers lots of possibilities for its users. Facebook can be used for both personal and business purposes as its users can meet and interact with other users, promote their products and services and so much more. A great monitoring system has proven to be effective in providing meaningful insights regarding Facebook’s growth rate throughout the past years. 

These insights show an increase of more than 30% in Active Facebook users (monthly) within a period of 10 years. There were approximately 360 million Active monthly users on their site in 2009 which have now increased to 2.17 billion in 2019. By reaching this goal, Facebook is now ranked as the #1 and biggest Social Networking site in the world. Traditional news outlets such as radio and newspapers are slowly losing their popularity as the future of journalism is going more in the direction of digital media. 

This increase in digital marketing makes all types of information more accessible to the public, but it also enables the spread of misleading or false information. Some users may prefer not to see such information and can interpret it as harassment, whilst such information may prove to be informative or useful to others.     


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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for engaging with friends, family and potential customers. Engage with Facebook or Instagram now!

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Online Presence

We can help you build a custom strategy that suits your business style to help you reach and engage with potential customers online!

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